Nela Ticket: Mass Raja Mark Teaser

Sun Apr 22 2018 10:00:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja teamed up with Kalyan Krishna Kurasala for 'Nela Ticket' movie.  The makers have released the teaser today.   The 47 seconds teaser showcases Ravi Teja mark entertainment with all the fun, action and love.

Comedians Ali, Praveen were shown having fun with Ravi Teja.  Though the director has not revealed the movie plot he gave a hint of the Ravi Teja's characterisation with his dialogue 'Chuttu janam.. madhyalo manam.. alaa undaalra life ante'.  Heroine Malvika Sharma is also shown in the teaser just like the usual heroines in Ravi Teja films.  When Malvika is seen shouting at the hero, Ravi Teja responds with his own typical facial expressions.  Ravi Teja is also shown helping a group of elders in another scene.

It seems director Kalyan Krishna came up with a typical Ravi Teja mark entertainer with all the commercial elements.  The teaser offered nothing new but it will surely appeal the targeted audience.