Netizens Trolled Heroine For 'Filtered' Pic!

Wed Oct 11 2017 22:24:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Social media is getting popular day by day and the number of netizens is increasing by leaps and bounds.  With the increasing presence of social media, celebrities are also effectively using it to stay in touch with the fans.  A heroine who dominated the Telugu and Tamil film industries for more than a decade has been slowed down in Telugu now.  But she is somehow managing to continue her career in Tamil.  

She has recently posted a beautiful selfie in a gym taken from the top angle. The heroine looked like a barbie girl even in her thirties and she got appreciation from the majority of the netizens for her cute look. But some netizens expressed doubts that it is 'filtered' look of the heroine.  They are saying that the Chennai based heroine used a Chinese app 'Beauty Plus' to enhance her beauty.

It is known that there are a huge number of apps available to enhance the beauty of the pics.. the latest apps are so advanced that they are linked to the smartphone camera and they will enhance the quality of the pic with the click itself.. and 'Beauty Plus' is one such app.  The pics which are enhanced with the apps are called 'filtered' pics.

That's the reason why some netizens including celebrities make it a point to mention #NoFilters when they post pictures on the social media.