Sreesanth's 2nd Marriage & PK's Heroine Outburst!

Sun Oct 14 2018 13:35:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Former Cricketer Sreesanth is back in the limelight again with Bigg Boss 12 hosted by Salman Khan. Some of the comments made by the Controversial Housemate hasn't gone down well with his Ex-Lover & Actress Nikesha Patel of 'Puli' fame.

During the show, Sreesanth claimed he was in a live-in relationship with his wife Bhuvneswari for 7 years before getting married. He claimed his horoscope hints about his second marriage and even his wife is okay with it. In the end, He informed that second marriage would happen only after attaining the age of 75.

Nikesha Patel wondered how could Sreesanth claim that he was dating Bhuvneswari for 7 years before marriage. 'I was in a relationship with Sreesanth before his marriage with Bhuvneswari. This makes me wonder why he was dating Me for an year during that period. What was he doing with me if he was in love with his wife at that time? I haven't met him again after the break-up in 2012. He projects himself as mahaan but doesn't even respect women,' she alleges.

Looks like, Sreesanth is deliberately talking about his Wife to use it as a sentiment card for staying in the Bigg Boss house for as long as possible.