Exclusive Interview: I would've left the industry had Ishq failed - Nithiin

Wed Aug 09 2017 18:50:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actor Nithiin saw many ups and downs in his fifteen years career and he developed a market for himself as a lover boy today. His movie, LIE in the direction of Hanu Raghavapudi is releasing on August 11th and we caught up with A.Sathyam (Nithiin) today for a special chit chat and here are the excerpts from it...

Tupaki: How do you define your long journey from Jayam to LIE?

Nithiin: I feel blessed for having been able to survive fifteen years in the Industry. It feels like a roller coaster ride.

T: Did you ever feel like you had more flops than hits?

N: Every actor will have to go through a bad phase and even I had to go through such phase. I learnt a lot during my low phase and I understood that I should not believe people who praise me for every thing.

T: What did you learn as an actor in these fifteen years?

N: I have to learn still so much as an actor. If I have to rate myself as an actor I will give only 5 out of 10.

T: Why do you maintain a low profile?

N: I am shy and I don't like to go into the crowds. I don't even attend to all the functions at my home. I'm more of an introvert.

T: Do you think Lying will help in your career or being truthful?

N: Nobody likes to hear truth. I won't say that is true for only women, it is true for everyone. You cannot be truthful to a filmmaker. They don't really like to hear that their movie is not good even if it the truth. I have told many lies due to various situations in my career. I believe truth and lies both are important in this career to grow. I think lies have more value than truth in this Industry.

T: As your market increased after A..Aa, did you increase the budget of your film LIE?

N: It might be true. May be producers have decided to put in lot of money in the production after looking at the collections of my A..Aa. The story demanded such budget and we shot for 75 days in US. So, it did cost more than my previous film.

T: How will be your character in LIE?

N: I am playing a character that has two variations in this movie. I can't reveal more than this, you won't be thrilled if I reveal much too (laughing)

T: What is the reason for taking Arjun as a villain?

N: Story wise, we needed Villain to be stronger than the hero and hence, we needed an actor who is better and senior to me for the role. So, we decided to approach Arjun sir and I did work with him before during Sri Anjaneyam movie. I felt really happy to work with him again.

T: What did you feel after listening to LIE story, first time?

N: I accepted to work in the movie, immediately after I heard the story narrated by Hanu. I felt like we are doing a new experiment. While acting in the scenes narrated by Hanu and hearing to the way he described various shots, I felt my lover boy image could change after the release. Let's see what will happen.

T: You commented on Puri Jagannadh. Is it for publicity?

N: No, I did not comment on the the director. I respect Puri sir a lot. They misinterpreted my words and wrote something else that I did not say. That's the reason I gave an explanation on Twitter too.

T: When are you planning a multi-starrer with Pawan Kalyan?

N: If I do a film with Kalyan garu, that won't be a multi-starrer. In front of him, I am just a normal actor and not a star. Even if it is a passing shot in his film, I'm ready to do that and share screen with my idol.

T: Did you ever think you will act in Kalyan's production?

N: If there are any moments that I rejoice in my career as an actor then I will rate the moments that I accepted Kalyan garu's movie. I cannot believe that I got such an offer and I can't explain in words how I am feeling at this moment.

T: LIE seems to be an action thriller or at least what we guessed from the trailer. Do you think family audience will lap it up?

N: I can't comment about it just yet. We thought family audience will like the film and we went with that belief through out the shooting. There are no separate family tracks like in my previous films but we think this is an universal subject.

T: Being producer has turned into a stressful job. Don't you feel it is a risky job?

N: I don't know anything other than films. I can be happy and comfortable as a hero but being a producer as it's own kick. I am working for that and I have decided to earn from films and if ever I lose I want to lose money in films only. I took the stand very early and I would like to produce more films in future too.

T: What would you have done if there is no Ishq?

N: For Ishq, we had put in all the money we had and I saw the movie just before the release. I thought the movie will be a success. But had the movie failed, I decided to quit Industry as people have clearly stated that they want to see me anymore on screen. The movie became a hit and here I am releasing LIE now!

T: Did you comment that 14 reels entertainment is better than your home banner?

N: Yes, I felt really happy and more comfortable working with 14 reels. They have spent the money that the story required and that impressed me a lot. Even when I was doing movies for my home banner there are many limitations that we had to overcome and work within those boundaries. So, I felt working for 14 reels better than working for my home banner.

T: Lastly, can you please tell about your future plans!

N: Right now, all my energies are concentrated on LIE release. After this, I am working for Kalyan garu's production and I will concentrate more on that too. It is as important, in fact more important to me than LIE. It will be another game changing movie for me like LIE.