No Birthday Announcement For Star Director

Thu Nov 08 2018 12:46:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

We have some star directors in the industry who will stick themselves to certain production houses and won't come forward to work with other producers. There is one such director in Tollywood as well.

This star director has recently delivered a blockbuster with a star hero. Now, he is going to collaborate with another star hero. Though a production house knows that this director does movies with a particular banner, they got ready to announce a project with him. On the occasion of this director's birthday, the production house desired to make an announcement about the project. But, the announcement got cancelled as the director wanted to do the movie with his home banner only.

It seems like to announce the project, the makers invested Rs. 1.5 lakhs. However, the director's home banner made an announcement with Rs. 5 lakhs. But if the director wanted to do a movie with another banner, the investments might have changed. The movie is now getting materialized.