Old memories, New Wounds says Renu Desai.

Thu Apr 20 2017 18:11:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Renu Desai is one of those socially active persons who try to share their emotions unfiltered to others. She has been sharing her life full of memories with her ex-husband Pawan Kalyan and her current life, her children Akira and Aadhya. She seems to have some old memories that always end up making some new wounds to herself after remembering those past incidents.

Well, anybody will end up thinking the same when you read her latest tweets about Badri, her debut film and film that changed her life, completing 17 years, today. She posted a photo on Instagram and shared that during the shoot she got a phone call about her friend being in a bad accident but she did not talk about it to anyone as that upset the shoot. She said if you look closely I am crying in the image. Well, she has many memories from the shoot as she fell in love with Kalyan and then married him after being in a Live-in relationship for years.

They might have separated now but she still seems to be reeling in pain. Her next tweet that carried a prose poetry about longing and missing, does make us believe that she still hopes for things in her past had been different she would have been in much better place emotionally as well. Anyways, we cannot read too much into them as people tend to feel nostalgic and sad at the same time. It could be one of those days where she needed memories to soothe her emotionally but ended up making some new wounds!