It Is Not Liplocks, Strip Clothes Love!

Mon Jul 16 2018 20:33:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is difficult to crack the code of success in the film industry.. it is even more difficult for the newcomers.  Promotions play a crucial role for small budget flicks that too when they are coming up with newcomers.  Unless they create some buzz with interesting promotions, it is tough to expect a decent number of footfalls in the theaters on the opening day.

Many filmmakers are focusing on bold content when they are coming up with newcomers to attract the youth.  Surprisingly, debutante director Lakshmikant Chenna is following a different approach with the promotions of his film 'Parichayam'.   He made sensational comments that only people who know about real love, who experienced it are welcome to his film.

He said "I'm telling straight to the audience.  Do you know about love? Did you ever love at least someone in your life? If the answer is 'Yes'.. then come and watch 'Parichayam'..  Otherwise, don't watch our film.   Our film is not about liplocks, stip clothes love.. it's not about roaming on bikes.  The people who think that it is real love.. please don't watch our film. We didn't make our film for such people."

"The people who know about real love are welcome.. it will touch your heart.. it will impact you in such a way that you can't even sleep."  It appears to be a strong satire on the recent bold films targeting youth.  He continued saying that there are some emotional scenes in the film where the heroine elopes for her lover and comes back.  There is a scene between her and her mother at that time.. it will touch the heart of every mother and daughter.

Virat Konduru, Simrat Kaur are debuting into Tollywood as hero heroines with this film.  'Parichayam' is slated for the release on July 21.