Why is Pawan silent ?

Sun Mar 19 2017 11:37:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

We have seen many people speaking great about Pawan Kalyan's kind heart and his good deeds several times in the past.   Pawan's close friend and director Trivikram Srinivas has spoken great about his friend one again in the yesterday's 'Katama Rayudu' event. He said that he has seen how Pawan helps the people who come to Pawan for help.. he also said that Pawan won't speak publicly about those things.  

Everything is fine.. but a distributor has been on hunger strike for justice.  He is saying that he has incurred 2 crore loss by distributing Pawan's last film 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh'. He is levelling allegations against 'Sardaar..' producer and Pawan Manager.  Even other distributors who suffered losses due to 'Sardaar..' also opening up about the injustice.  Neither Pawan nor  producer Sharath Marar have not responded on this issue till now.

If the the argument of distributors is wrong.. they have to give an explanation.  Either Pawan or 'Sardaar..' film makers should condemn the allegations.  But all of them of maintaining stoic silence on this issue.  Feelers are coming out that.. Pawan has focussed on this issue.. he is enquiring about it.. and solve the matter at the right time.  

As 'Katama Rayudu' is getting ready for release in a few days, some are expressing doubts that when will Pawan respond? Why is he silent on the issue.  People eagerly waited that Pawan is going to talk about this issue on the ;'Katama Rayudu' event... but Pawan has completed his speech without even mentioning about it.  We have to wait and see how far this will go in future.​