PK Fans Warn Renu After Engagement

Sun Jun 24 2018 19:00:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

There was a clear division among Pawan Fans after Renu Desai got engaged and hinted about Second Marriage.

A Hardcore PK Fan warned, 'Meru Inko Marriage Cheskunte Chala Godavali Ithai. Na God Ki Problem Rakunda Chaiyandi'. Such negative reactions are expected as ours is a conservative society and many people mayn't accept a Women marrying for second time.

Not to forget fans who respected the decision taken by Renu Desai and still considers her as 'Vadina'. A Fan wrote, 'In Case Miru Vere Marriage Chesukunna Aaa Sir Kuda Naku Anna Avutaru'. In reply, Renu thanked him for sharing such a beautiful message.

Anticipating the wild reactions from a section of fans, Renu Desai hasn't disclosed the identity of her Fiance so far. She, however, expressed happiness over the good wishes sent by some fans.