Photo Story: Stylish And Cool Prabhas

Sun Dec 09 2018 16:27:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prabhas has been staying away from events and functions from a long time. He decided to only go to those events when he can be himself and not be forced to socialise with everyone.

In TFI, he appears very rarely at such events and he only wishes them behind closed doors at his place but not in front of media as he doesn't like much attention.

He is known as the darling friend of everyone but he also maintains great secrecy about his personal life.

But Baahubali made him such a sensation that Ambanis asked for his presence at their daughter's pre-wedding celebrations and wedding rituals.

He obliged the country's most powerful Industrialist's invite and is in Udaipur for the event. The picture is him going to the stay from Airport.

He even shot an episode of Koffee with Karan and seems to be in the mood to use all the name he could make with Baahubali for better career options in Bollywood as well.

Even Hillary Clinton is attending the wedding and Prabhas seems to have thought he cannot skip this event in any case.