Porn Stars Have Better Life In India: Poonam Kaur

Thu Jan 18 2018 12:21:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Interfering in the issue between Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Kathi unnecessarily, Poonam Kaur has invited trouble by describing the critic as 'fatso' who is earning money by abusing Powerstar. Then, Kathi Mahesh asked Poonam to answer his six questions. After this unexpected turn, Poonam sought Pawan Kalyan's help to bail out her from trouble but deleted those Tweets within short time.

Yesterday, A TV Debate took place on Ram Gopal Varma's film 'God, Sex and Truth'. Varma and Kathi Mahesh took part in the discussion. Social Activist Devi came down heavily on RGV & even the Filmmaker shot back at her in his style.

After few days of silence, Poonam Kaur took to Twitter to express her view that Porn Stars have better life and respect in India than normal Indian Girls. 'Innocents are frames, misused and abused if they stand up for something. All are prepared to kill her soul, mind and body,' she adds with the hashtag #truth.

Will Poonam Kaur delete even this Tweet as well or not is a million dollar question. How would RGV and Kathi Mahesh react to the latest punch?