What's wrong if I do what Suma did?: Posani

Mon Nov 13 2017 10:16:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is buzz that Posani Krishna Murali won't step out of his house unless he receives his remuneration. The Character Artiste responded to this remark on him in style - 'Why nobody asked where is Posani when I lost everything after Producing few films? When you talk about money I charge, why don't you speak about my hardwork? I earned whatever I have lost. Film Industry has given Me enough money, so that my family needn't worry even if we don't work anymore'.

Posani questioned what's wrong if he charge money for appearing on TV Shows. 'When I was invited for Suma's Show, I asked them Money. Even Suma charges remuneration for that show. What's wrong if I ask for a pay?  I did Omhkar's Challenge 3 by accepting remuneration. When I was invited for Khushbu's Show and Jabardasth, I did ask them what they gonna pay? A part of my earnings will be spent for social service. If I was invited be News Channels, I would offer interviews and take part debates in a friendly manner,' he told.

Not many knew, Posani worked for just Rs 3 after his Father committed suicide and he even cleaned benches in Guntur theatre for survival.

On 'Mersal' controversy, Posani said he would have bowed down to Vijay had if he uttered the dialogue - 'Why Film Celebs are accepting a part of their remuneration in cash rather than taking entire pay in white?'.