Robo 2.0 Posters: Completely Unusual!

Fri Oct 19 2018 19:32:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Newly released posters of '2.0' offer a mixed feeling to the movie lovers. Hardwork done by thousands of people for three years is visible in each and every promotional material.

Rajinikanth is at his stylish best once again & there is nothing to find fault with his appearance. Look of Akshay Kumar is similar to what it was in the leaked pictures. So much detailing was done to attain the crow-man avatar. Last but not the least, Amy Jackson is a surprise package. She could be playing Robot alongside Chitti if her makeover is any indication.

Overall, Posters of '2.0' guarantee an unusual experience to the viewers. People could already sense they gonna be having a one-of-its-kind feeling while watching the sci-fi flick in 3D.