Upset Prabhas Fans Troll Siddharth

Mon Jul 16 2018 22:01:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Everybody knows the extreme craze enjoyed by the stars in South.  A few stars are treated like demi-gods by their die-hard fans and they go to great extents to show their affection towards their favourite stars.  We have seen the fan wars in the social media as well.   That's the reason why celebrities take a cautious approach when they are expressing opinions about other stars.

Surprisingly, hero Siddharth recently responded to a hashtag in a satirical manner, that has been started by Prabhas fans and it has angered the 'Baahubali' star fans.  Going into the details, Prabhas is going to celebrate his birthday on October 23 and it is exactly 100 days from today.  It is a special occasion for Prabhas fans and they started the countdown for their favourite star's birthday.  They started trending #100DaysToKingPRABHASBday on Twitter this morning.

It is common for the star hero fans to trend this kind of hashtags on Twitter to show their affection.  But hero Siddharth took a dig on the hashtag by creating another hashtag #465DayToKingPRABHASNextBdayAfterThisOne.  He didn't stop at this hashtag.  He has mentioned another one  #HashtagsThrillButKillPleaseUseThemWithSomeDiscretion.  

This satire has irked the Prabhas fans and the started trolling the 'Bommarillu' actor with #jokerofthedaysiddharth. The most interesting aspect of his hashtag is that it went on to become one of the top trends in Hyderabad.  

A netizen asked Siddharth why he has done this by posting a pic where Prabhas, Siddharth were seen sharing a lighter moment.  He tweeted "Enduku bayya nee friend ee kada #100DaysToKingPRABHASBday".   Sid replied "Anduke bayya. Friendu kabatte...Freedom teeskunna. Darling kooda navvuthadu joke vini. Pratidaaniki tension padithe lite theeskodaniki time undadhu kadha bayya?"