I won't do another Bahubali even for money - Prabhas

Tue Apr 18 2017 12:40:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prabhas, the famous star today, all over India with Bahubali, is busy chatting with media and promoting his movie at different platforms. Even Rajamouli has been constantly promoting the film, while he is busy completing the work and finalising the movie shots and run-time. Right now, the movie is said to be undergoing Censor formalities and it is all locked for a grand release on 28th April. During one of the media interactions, Prabhas as usually very candidly answered the questions and one question was, "Will you act in another Bahubali kind of a movie?"

Prabhas very spontaneously said, "No, even you offer me today an amount of one Lakh crores, I won't do a Bahubali immediately. I spent long hours working on sets for this film like no other and went to the sets on time like a school kid. Before the movie, for Mirchi, since it was my friends film, I turned up whenever I wanted to and there were cool with it too. But Rajamouli would be angry with me if I did not turn up on time and I used worry for producers as well, as there were times when one shot cost was said to be as more than 30 lakhs.

I was fearful and careful at every moment, rehearsed for the scenes at nights and spent most of time trying to ace the shot in one take only. As if I ask for another or even falter a bit, everything needed to be reset and that used to take 3 to 4 hours for war episodes. If ever I felt I could have done better I tried to deliver that in next shot. Well, I can't go through everything immediately and I need at least another 4 to 5 years to accept another film like Bahubali if possible."