Can these two heroes win Tamil Box-office?

Tue May 16 2017 12:51:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telugu Cinema and audience have been highly welcoming to any kind of special efforts on part of the actors from other languages. In case of Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan just their presence on screen has been sufficient to go gaga over them and their films have been running to full houses from long time. Vikram, Suriya, Karthi and many other heroes were able to find considerable audience for their movies at regular basis.

Now, our telugu heroes are trying to attain the affections of Tamil audience for their next films. Prabhas is trying to cash in Baahubali craze with his Saaho. Being an action drama, the movie production cost has been increased to 150 crores from modest 50 crores after considering few changes in the script and looking at the success of Baahubali. While it is definitely a huge risk to trust an young director with such huge budget, the makers believe that Prabhas's newly gained popularity all over India, will help them take a huge opening and recover the amounts. But if the movie fails big time, Prabhas career could take a major hit too.

Mahesh Babu is another hero who has alwats been popular in Hindi and Tamil market. His movies have been remade by popular stars in both the languages and his original films have also seen some dubbed releases. Mahesh after lot of thought has figured out it is better to look for expanding his market in Tamil and he decided to release his Srimanthudu and Brahmostavam movies simultaneously in Tamil as well. But dubbed versions did not find positive response from audience, so the actor is debuting in Tamil with his next movie, Spyder directed by A R Murugadoss. The long delays in movie production are due majorly due to Tamil version as per the movie sources.

Well, both these heroes from Telugu will test their luck in coming days and we are waiting to see who will have the first bite of the cake.