What is Prabhas's mistake?

Fri Mar 23 2018 10:41:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

After the blockbuster of Baahubali, the craze for Prabhas has increased a lot. So, to keep his image and craze constant Prabhas has been picking up his upcoming projects carefully. One may think that the young rebel star has got popularity with just a single movie, but they don't consider the fact that Prabhas has invested 4 years for the film and tortured his body.

Rumors came out that now Prabhas is troubling the directors. He also wouldn't have thoughts about the situation after Baahubali. Thats why he accepted his upcoming movie Saaho as a Telugu script. But after Baahubali 2, as the expectations on Prabhas went high and all the Indian audience are eagerly waiting for the film, Prabhas wanted to develop the script even more.

Prabhas has been asking the directors who are approaching him to develop multilingual scripts. But why is it a mistake? He is just trying hard to keep the expectations on him high and that's why he is planning to make his movies in as many languages as possible. How can the others claim that prabhas's irritating the directors just because of this small thing.