Prakash Raj Insluted In Dubbing Studio

Sun Dec 17 2017 17:20:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Versatile Actor Prakash Raj's mother tongue is Kannada but he sounds like a Telugu guy. He speaks good Telugu and is also able to write the language perfectly. He has sound knowledge of Telugu literature and the Telugu writers. Many times, people used to get surprised about his liking towards the language. He has got a great command over the language and the reason behind the same was revealed by the actor in a recent media interaction.

"My first film in Telugu was Sankalpam and some dubbing artist gave a voice for my role. I went to the dubbing studio and suggested some corrections to the artist and when I am doing this, few people have found fault with me and insulted me telling that I should learn the language first. The friendship with Thanikella Bharani, Seetarama Sastry and Krishna Vamshi helped me a lot in reading and writing Telugu. Later, Bharani and Dharmavarapu helped me in getting a command over literature. They gave me Maidanam written by Chalam with which I started reading books. I read a lot of Telugu books including Maha Prasthanam." said Prakash Raj.