No phone for 'Wink' ing sensation

Wed Mar 14 2018 22:10:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

In India, parents take care of each and everything till kids become Independent and start earning their own money.

Well, even for celebrities it is the same and Priya Prakash Varier is no different to that. She is still in her teens and her parents have to give her permission to use mobile phone.

Prakash Varier, her father himself shared it. He said, "Priya has a mobile phone bit we did not give her a SIM. As parents we know how hard is to bring order in your kid's life in this social media generation. Hence, we chose those restrictions."

The young actress from an young age wanted to be an actress and her mother handles her calls and accompanies her all the time.

Prakash Varier further said, "A man in my office shared my daughter's video to me. I asked him if he knows who she is and when I said, she is my daughter, his reaction was priceless. I am proud of her popularity and from an young age her preferences have been highly different. She was good music and dance."

Parents of the Priya are ecstatic about her popularity but are highly cautious at the same time too.