Priyanka Has No Time To Care About Them..

Thu Feb 22 2018 20:32:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most popular actresses in Indian Cinema. She is making India proud, globally by acting in Hollywood films.

But recent scandals, have dragged her name into the mud and she expressed, no concern about them..

Nirav Modi, the famous jewellery merchant who is the prime accused in Punjab National Bank, scam, has been linked with her by one of the politicians.

She had been the brand ambassador for his jewellery brand, and she did not have any direct connection with the scam. Still, fee tried to drag into the mud.

Then, Assam congress leaders tried to imply that she has no respect for Indian culture has her cleavage left open in one of the Assam official calendar photos.

The actress said, "I have no sensitivity towards my detractors. I know what to do and never care for people's opinions on me. They can say as much as they want to, I will not give them importance."