A Producer And Director Fight Over 90ML!

Mon Mar 04 2019 15:01:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Normally, adult films have restricted audiences reach and it is the problems that the others rise about the film, makes them very famous and must watch for youngsters, who don't know about them.

Bigg Boss Tamil fame, Oviya did an adult movie, 90ML and Simbu composed music for the film and even did a cameo.

Anita Udeep directed the movie and talked about the women issues in a bold manner with more scenes about lesbian sex and open chatter about orgasms between women while they were drinking.

So, the movie raised a huge hue and cry among the conservative critics and producers too.

Producer Dhananjayan tweeted,

"Hope & wish Dir. @anitaudeep & Producer @UdeepB watch this honest review by Dr.Abhilasha on how your film #90ML can be detrimental to our society. Please have some responsibility towards the society & don't spread venom among our youngsters to make money"

To his tweet, Anita Udeep replied,

"Dear Uncle @Dhananjayang , I have not made a socially relevant film like Chandramouli with Gilma Songs. #90ML is an Adult Film and yes it’s shamelessly entertaining !! I have Not talked about Shit like you have in Settai ! Have talked about Shit Women go through in Life ! "

This escalated into an argument and director Anita seemed to enjoy ripping apart the logics of Dhananjayan with her sly replies. This made everyone in the social media to take two sides about the film too.