Loafer Dialogues: Puri Dinosaurs Reference On Women

Thu Dec 17 2015 21:41:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Puri Jaagannath is well known for his dialogues in films. We know Puri dialogues are a mixture of point, philosophy and polysemy.  Puri is the one who brought heroes enough craze with single dialogues.

However, there is criticism about how the heroines were treated in his films. None of his heroes respect women and the heroines too are shown to be rash. And Puri has been criticized for quite some time about the same. Puri, who is very much criticized for his portrayal of females in his movies has did same for his Loafer movie. The director has maintained his style of criticising women and throwing punches on God.

There is a dialogue in Loafer which compares women with Dinosaurs. The dialogue goes, "Poorvakalam lo Dinosaurs vundevi. Tarvata antarinchipoyai. Ippudu kavalantey vastaya?Alage.. Kannamba, Savitiri, Me Amma.. kavalante dorakaru ippudu".

In short above dialogue says obedient women are tough to find these days like Dinosaurs.
And there was another dialogue which says Modern day women are unpredictable and they don't know with whom they elope( "Ippati ammayilantha eppudu evaditho lechipotharo vaarikey teliyadu.." )

The dialogues of the film are now drawing flak from female community.