Will Puri Jagannath come before Media?

Sat Jul 15 2017 13:27:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Drugs Case has rocked the Telugu Film industry like anything. All knew about it but though it is a storm in the tea cup but it seems to not fade away so easily as the celebrities have hoped it would. Even though Police have not released the names of the people, several names have been leaked in the media and Puri Jagannath is one of them. Several celebrities have come forward to explain and clarify about the matter while few ignored the issue completely.

Now, media is trying to get the reaction of Puri Jagannath in the entire issue. As the director's name is taken first in the list and also many rumours are being spread about him, media really wants to know how will the director react to it and what will he say?

Well, the director has talked in private with several media personalities and told them that he will come before media soon. Puri did ask some questions about all the names in the list and also told them that he will come with the full story. Now, the onlookers and media are waiting for what will the director reveal. Will he just talk about his innocence or will he pull out some more names involved in this case,  has become the hot topic.

Police who were always suspicious of actors taking drugs were waiting to get some sold proofs and they got these names from the phone of actor Bharat, who died tragically in an accident. The latest reports suggests, police have another list ready with them along with the primary list and there are many big wigs names in that list too. The drugs case seems to be getting bigger by the day!