Saaho: No Graphics Tricks, Real Action

Wed Jun 13 2018 11:15:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prabhas is presently working on action film 'Saaho' after the huge success of 'Bahubali' series.  Audience were curious to know what kind of Prabhas is going to act after 'Baahubali' and they got their answer because it is a high-end action film.  We all know that Tollywood makers use graphics in the action sequences but 'Saaho' action sequences are completely different.

The makers are going to show the realistic action sequences.  It is known that they have picturised 8 min. action sequence in Abu Dhabi. This action sequence is picturised with high-speed chasing.  Hollywood action choreographer Kenny Bates who is working on 'Saaho', told the makers that the action sequences should be realistic.  Even Prabhas has agreed to the stunts in a realistic manner.  Cinematographer Madhie revealed that they are not going to cheat the audience by mixing the graphics to show the car moving in high speed.

So, the audience are going to watch moving vehicles with the same speed on the silver screen as they have moved while shooting.  It is going to be the first realistic action sequence in Tollywood.  In fact, it is the first realistic action sequence picturised on Indian screen.