Why I Touched KA Paul's Feet? RGV Explains!

Mon Jan 21 2019 20:11:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

KA Paul claimed Ram Gopal Varma had touched his feet soon after meeting him in Mumbai on February 13th, 2017. Guess, How did Varma respond on such a shocking statement?

Ram Gopal Varma: 'It's true that I touched his feet but not to seek his blessings. I had done so to pull his legs so that he could regain his mental balance upon receiving a blow to his head'.

On the tall claims of KA Paul that Donald Trump & George Bush sought his blessings, Varma termed it as a psychological disorder or an illusion. He analysed Paul might be making such false claims because those who attend his preaching sessions have less IQ Levels than him.

RGV offered an example to expose the true colors of KA Paul: 'When we met, KA Paul told Me that he saved the life of Amitabh Bachchan. I asked him how did that happen! He said...Jaya Bachchan requested him to save her husband's life. Then, Chandrababu Naidu arranged a chartered flight to take Me to Mumbai. When I went to the hospital, SRK, Salman and Aamir were waiting outside but I have no time for them. Went into the room directly and prayed for Amitabh. Big B opened his eyes and told Me that he would offer 30 days per year to Me. When he made these claims, I sent a message to Big B asking does he knows KA Paul. Amit Ji replied who is he! When I informed him about the story narrated by Paul, Amitabh made it clear he never met such a person in his life. Then, I asked Paul why is he speaking such blatant lies. Paul defended himself saying Amitabh might have forgot due to drowsiness'. 

Varma disclosed that KA Paul told him that he stopped 27 Wars in the World. When he quizzed what wars are they, Paul replied: 'You don't know as they never happened'.

Ramu feels Andhra Pradesh will become World famous if Trump, Bush and Amitabh campaign for Praja Shanti Party in the upcoming elections. He went on to say boxing fight between KA Paul and Pawan Kalyan will be more exciting than 2K Run.