RX100 Doesn't Rake In Same Moolah In US

Wed Jul 18 2018 22:22:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

US market has biggest impact on Telugu films these days. The films that are moderate successes here are looking at US market to get into profits.

Big films are looking at his as a lucrative opportunity to make their money back with some profit at table or after release.

So, for them reviews become highly important and for every review that is positive they think that much money is in their ledger.

For RX100, while bold content is working wonders in mass and youth dominated areas, US has been very sad story.

Movie like RX100 making at least 100k USD within the weekend is huge but the hype it generated and release it got, the numbers are comparitively low.

The movie made triple profits in Telugu markets but US audience seems to be looking for real content than just some bold scenes.