Is Rabta a Magadheera Free-make?

Mon Apr 17 2017 19:24:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

We tend to call movies that release from other languages with voice dubs as dubbing movies, that are remade with our actors as remakes and those that follow the footsteps of a popular movie toe to toe in their own way, as free-makes. There are many Telugu Films that have fallen into this category from other languages and recently, Telugu movies are also being free-made in other languages, especially Hindi. While some claim to have bought the rights, some don't bother to address the issue.

Recently, Varsham remake Baaghi directors and producers said that the movie is not a remake. But with each and every scene from the movie being reproduced same way with an addition of Raid Redemption fights, it was understood that they were lying. Now, another movie, Rabta with Dhoni star Sushanth Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon, released a trailer on Monday. The movie looks exactly similar to Magadheera and it is being termed as free-make by many Telugu Twitterite.

Well, they have a point! You can see both the characters referring to each other as Raja and Rani. Them falling in love with each other in present times and having an unrequited love in the past life and a King, who wants to marry the girl coming in between their love. Even though one can argue it is a routine 1950's story, but the scenes and execution look exactly similar to Magadheera. Hero being introduced through waterfalls and villain forcing himself on heroine for love. Well, if they are any changes then it is in get-ups and the time period. Hopefully, the makers won't ruin the 100 men sword fight in their own way!