Raashi Khanna, Not Silly Anymore!

Mon Feb 12 2018 15:56:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Raashi Khanna debuted into Telugu films with a good character in a feel-good film like 'Oohalu Gusagusalaade'.  Surprisingly she didn't get that kind of a character in her career later.   She never had to struggle for the offers but most of them are routine characters.  

Except 'Supreme', she didn't even taste another hit.  Her Bellam Sridevi role in 'Supreme' impressed the Telugu audience but it gave a feeling to the filmmakers that she will not suit for intense characters and serious roles.  Most of the characters played by Raashi later are silly after her Bellam Sridevi role.  Director Venky Atluri offered her an intense role to Raashi in such a situation.  

In fact, Venky thought that Raashi would not suit the heroine role in 'Tholi Prema' and he even tried for other heroines.  Then the producers suggested the name of Raashi Khanna.  Venky finalised her only after the test shoot.  Considering Raashi image, there were doubts among the audience that whether she will suit the feel-good story like 'Tholi Prema' when heroine intro scenes were shown in promos.  But she played her role wonderfully and getting appreciation from all quarters.

Some audience even opine that Raashi Khanna's character is the best character in the film.  'Tholi Prema' has completely changed her image and she gave an impression that she can play all types of characters.  It seems filmmakers will not offer silly characters to her in future. She may get good roles which bring our her talent.