Photo Story: Liberal Skin Show with T-Touch!

Thu Jan 12 2017 11:23:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Raashi Khanna appeared drop-dead gorgeous as she got dressed-up for a Sankranti event. The outfit designed by Shilpa Reddy has suited her to the T. Styling, Make-Up, Hair Style & Jewellery were just perfect. Photography by KK Prem & Vikram Mullapudi elevated the beauty of his cutie to a whole new level.

Every Beautiful Actress mayn't know how to make the heads turn all the time. But, Raashi Khanna have the knack of grabbing the attention instantly irrespective of the outfit she wears. While her two-piece bikini during her recent Dubai vacation has stunned everyone, Raashi gives a traditional touch on the eve of Pongal. Yet, She flaunts her curves in the best possible way. Needless to explain…just keep your eyes wide open!!