Repairs Didn't Work For Mithai

Sat Feb 23 2019 10:13:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

The emerging actors Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna have got enough craze in the film industry and they can pull a section of audiences to the theatres. Both the actors teamed up together for an exciting project called Mithai that carried a decent buzz before the film's release. During the premiere show of the film on Thursday night, Priyadarshi was seen promoting the film but Rahul Rama Krishna skipped attending the same.

Those who have watched the movie have called it as a damp squib and the film finally ended up as a flop. Rahul Ramakrishna had opened up on the same this morning and has given an explanation for why he had put himself away from the promotions as well as premiere show.

In his long post on Twitter, he said, "We tried our best to repair the film but our efforts were in vain. I had predicted this outcome of the film and was reluctant to promote it. My apologies to everybody for yesterday's experience at the theatres. I still have respect for the director's ideas and wild imagination. If anything, this film has been a great learning experience that taught me two things: to trust my ability to judge a person's skill set. Caving into the pressure of being worked will never bring good results. Secondly and perhaps the most important: I'm deeply touched by the several hundred messages I've received from concerned well-wishers, wondering why and what went wrong with the film. This display of loyalty was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. But here's a promise: the next time you see me on screen, and you'll see me paired with your dearest Priyadarshi again, I promise you, you will see us blaze the screen."