Where Is The Creator Of Taxiwala?

Thu Nov 15 2018 21:54:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

The countdown for 'Taxiwala' has already begun…it will be arriving within 2 days (November 17th). While Vijay Devarakonda conveyed whatever he wishes to say at the pre-release event, Heroine Priyanka Jawalkar kept building the buzz with her never-ending promotional campaign. Rest of the Team Members have been doing their bit for the pre-release promotions.

Where is the Captain of the Ship - Mr. Rahul Sankrityayan? He wasn't seen much during the promotions except for the interview done by Suma. Not much was said by him even during the pre-release event. Does this Young Filmmaker want his work to speak? or Was he waiting for the release to share his views?

Journey of 'Taxiwala' began over two years ago. The release got delayed due to extensive post-production work. Makers faced problems due to the piracy. And now, The absence of the Director in Film Promotions has been raising the doubt if all is well. Let's only wish Rahul Sankrityayan shows his face to the media at least in the next two days..!