How To Act In A Liplock Scene?

Mon Nov 13 2017 16:41:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Raai Laxmi revealed the tips that could be helpful for youngsters who want to kiss a girl for the first time as well. She is promoting her film, Julie 2 and going around the country from Mumbai to Delhi to Chennai to Hyderabad. She recently came into the city and when asked about acting in liplock scenes, she revealed few secrets.

She said, "It is important to not smoke before kissing. Even if one does then they have to wash their mouth with freshness to avoid smell. Also, it will be right to see that there is no bad body odour. One has to take care about that. Finally, we should forget that there is a unit full of members waiting for us to complete the scene. We have to involve in the scene and forget world."

Well, the movie Julie 2 has many raunchy ang erotic scenes. The way the actor is giving tips now, she seems to have aced in all of them. Already, the trailers suggest she did not leave any (clothes) sorry, stone in that matter. The movie is releasing worldwide on 24th November.