Rare honour to 'Pelli Chupulu' producer

Mon Mar 20 2017 17:11:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

'Pelli Chupulu' was the sensational hit of 2016.  The movie was not only successful but it has set a benchmark for all the small films.  The movie has impressed the audience with its good content rather than the casting.. we should not forget to appreciate family values in the film.  When such films are made, it is obvious that accolades and awards will follow them.  

B. Venkatramana Reddi confers award to good movies with family values in the name of his father B. Nagi reddi every year.  He has been conferring this award for the last six years.  'Pelli Chupulu' has been chosen for this award for the year 2016.  Producer Raj Kandukuri is going to receive this award who came forward to produce a good film like 'Pelli Chupulu'.   'Shri B. Nagi Reddi Award' ceremony will be held in Rajahmundry every year.  Following the same tradition, the award function will be held in Rajahmundry this year also.  

It is known that 'Pelli Chupulu' producer Raj Kandukuri is the son of highly respected spiritual guru Late.Sivananda Murthy from Warangal.