Why A Limited Release For Lover?

Mon Jul 16 2018 22:03:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Dil Raju is one of the shrewd makers in Telugu Film Industry. He judges and plans his moves according to the movie he has in hand.

He carefully markets it and then tries to maximize his profits or minimalise his losses according to the project.

Harishith Reddy produced the film and Dil Raju is releasing it. Dil Raju believes in initial weekend business more than long run business unless and until he feels confident like in the case of Shatamanam Bhavathi and Fidaa.

Raj Tharun needs Lover to be a hit for his career to once again pick up the pace but trailer doesn't give us such hopes.

In such situations, Dil Raju's staff marketing plan would be create maximum buzz and release in many theatres. This time, they haven't created such huge buzz and are giving a very limited release too.

The movie team seems to hope for a long run but with Raj Tharun's form, the movie needs to be extraordinary entertainer to seriously make a profit.

So, will they plan for long run workout? Or will the less buzz kill the movie? Let's wait till 20th July, for answers.