Can We Put A Stop To This #R Obsession?

Thu Apr 26 2018 16:45:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

There are limits to beliefs, sentiments and even to the creative ideas. We cannot go beyond a point as that looks forced and unprofessional.

Same as been happening with #R obsession in every update of Rajamouli's next multi-starrer. Everyone wants to know how, Ram Charan and Jr. NTR agreed for a movie.

Few creative people are cooking up some stories to get their attention and some of them far from believability.

A recent exclusive article, stated that #R stands for Rain and the film happens on a day, when the rain doesn't stop.

Rajamouli did say, #RRR stands for Ram Charan, Rama Rao and Rajamouli. Still, few people trended a gossip that Rajasekhar is the third #R and then, #R named actresses will be playing lead roles said another update.

All these have been denied and similarly rainy update will also be. Because Rajamouli is still writing the script with his writers and until he comes out with the idea, to reveal what the film is all about, nobody can know anything.

The director is very good at hidings things and we have to say that he will let you speculate until he is ready to blow your mind with his 'real' story.