Rajamouli Talks About #RRR For FIRST TIME

Mon Feb 18 2019 18:46:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

SS Rajamouli opened up on his upcoming flick #RRR for the first time during an interactive session at the Harvard Kennedy School.

To the question if he thinks about Pan-India Appeal of his new project following the stupendous success of 'Baahubali', The Filmmaker replied: 'Film Making isn't pressure for Me. Whatever films I make, The pressure comes towards the end...when the movie is about to release...whether the film is going to be a hit or not. Conceiving the story is the best part as there is no pressure what-so-ever. At that time, I won't be thinking too much about how I am going to market it. But, I will have a rough idea on the target audience and economics. Only at the later stage, We plan the budget and how it should be marketed'.

When quizzed if #RRR is a Pan-Indian Movie, Rajamouli answered: 'It is a Pan-Indian Flick...because of the nature of the story'.

When the interviewer interrupted to ask if it's a Fantasy Flick, Jakkanna joked: 'Don't ask Me questions about fantasy'.

Asked if it's going to be bigger than 'Baahubali', Rajamouli assured that #RRR is going to have a large scale.

When asked what can Business School Students learn from Film Making, The Leading Filmmaker believes planning will always be crucial. He added, 'There will be many things which go out of control, but one thing that really matters is your conviction and confidence...those are the things which will be in your hands. If the whole team believes in your conviction, Then we will find a way to overcome all the hurdles'.