2018- The year of Rajni!

Thu Sep 14 2017 15:22:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is a saying, if Tiger steps back then don't think it is accepting the defeat but it will jump ten steps forward in no time. If you remember a Superstar Rajni dialogue then yes, we are trying to make to remember a punchline from Rajni films. Well, the actor has shown what he is capable of with Kabali opening numbers but as the movie did not live up to the expectations it remained a flop but the fan frenzy, the movie created is nothing short of Tsunami.

Many offices announced holidays on the release day and even the schools remained closed for a day. That's the power of Rajni at box Office. His movie, with Shankar, 2.O that is supposed to release by Diwali this year postponed to 25th of January and the movie is set to create huge records with the mind blowing opening numbers. We have to wait and see, what frenzy will this box office force creates as the previous movie Enthiran is a huge hit and 2.O is said to be the sequel of the most loved sci-fi movie of South India.

Well, even the next movie of Rajni Kaala in the direction of Pa. Ranjith who made Kabali earlier. The movie has completed more than 70% of the shoot and soon, the remaining portion will also be shot in. Chennai as per the reports. Dhanush is producing this movie and it will release for April next year. So, 2018 seems to be an year of Rajni or as the popular joke goes, Rajni is blessing the year, 2018 with his films!