Rajinikanth Upset With 2.O Teaser

Wed Sep 19 2018 10:20:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kollywood is eagerly waiting to witness the magic of director Shankar at the box office soon. Shankar who never ceases to impress the audiences with his technical brilliance is gearing up with the second part of the super hit film Robo which he made with Superstar Rajinikanth. Amidst a lot of hiccups, the production unit now reached the final stages of the film's completion. The makers also released the film's teaser recently which gave us a glimpse of what the film is dealing about but the shocking information is that Rajinikanth is not happy with the storyline of 2.O as he feels that the movie is projecting him negatively and giving the actual hero image to Akshay Kumar who played the villain.

As per the speculations on the social media, the movie is all about the disappearing of birds from earth because of mobile radiation. Akshay will be seen punishing the humans for increasing the radiation but Rajinikanth is the one who opposes it. This clearly looks like Akshay Kumar's character is going to gain sympathy and Rajini's character will gain hatred from the audiences.

A source reveals that Akshay's character has a lot of negative elements in it when the makers first wrote it but they made the changes to the character to make it appear positive only after the star hero Akshay Kumar came on board.

Rajinikanth is said to be having this feeling of playing a negative character from the beginning itself but he remained silent hoping that things will change but after the teaser release, the actor got a clarity that what he guessed is coming true.