Rajni's Director Gets Bail After His Caste Remarks!

Wed Jun 26 2019 17:10:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rajnikanth film, Kaala director Pa. Ranjith made several unnecessary casteist remarks against Raja Raja Chola-I, who is still regarded as the greatest Tamil Emperor.

He was and is still revered for being able to construct Brihadeeswar Temple and also for introducing local leadership which de-centralises administration as well.

He is also revered for conquering most of South East Asian countries and starting trade with them. He is known for building water canals to solve water issues for people.

But Pa. Ranjith claimed that the King introduced caste differentiation and went on to say that his community eats the animal that everyone prays for. So, his class should be regarded even higher in the society.

Hindu Makkal Katchi filed a case against him in Madras High Court asking him to be arrested for hate speech and using abusive, offensive language that hurts religious sentiments.

Many reacted against his speech on TV channels and on social media too. There are people who became famous because they could take offensive and give "strong reply" to Pa. Ranjith.

The writer-director applied for anticipatory bail against his arrest and said, ''As a chief guest at the event, I only spoke some of the truths about King Raja Raja Chozhan How to remove casteism? How to create a casteless society? I spoke about all these, including the plight of landless people, especially those from the delta regions mentioned in Umar Farooq’s Senthamizh Naatu Cherigal.''

Well, court advised him to never make religious comments again and also to be aware of the implications such speech of casteism and hate can have on society before granting bail.