Rakul Wishes To Kiss This Cool Hero

Fri May 19 2017 16:37:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rakul Preet Singh is one of the top heroines in Telugu now.  She will be a dream date for youngsters.  But what about her ? Does she have a specific choice ? If there is a chance whom she will date with ?

Rakul has revealed these things recently.  She said that she likes Bollywood hero Ranveer Singh.  She said "If I date anyone, it will be only Ranveer.  I have no hesitation to kiss him".  Tollywood beauty Rakul's choice is good, because Ranveer is a very talented actor with no inhibitions.  He declared once that he enjoys acting.. and he will not hesitate to act nude for a film if the character demands.  Apart from these things, he is popular as the boyfriend of Deepika Padukone.  

As Deepika set her foot in the Hollywood and trying to settle down there, Rakul seems to replace her for Ranveer.  Some netizens are commenting that Rakul appears to be eyeing on her Bollywood debut..and these statements are just hints for Bollywood entry and nothing else.