Cherry Started Tough Work Again

Tue Apr 17 2018 11:41:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

We have been witnessing so many changes in our Tollywood heroes these days. In the past, they haven't really changed the costumes, fitness from one movie to other. But the demand for fitness seems to be improving in the industry and almost all the star heroes are trying to appear differently in each movie. So, they are spending most of their free times in the gym.

Mega Power star also joined this list by keeping his body fit in his latest release Rangastalam. As the movie became a blockbuster and is all set to take over the first position in Non-Baahubali records, Cherry is working equally hard for his upcoming movie as well. Charan gave his nod to mass director Boyapati Srinu and is marking his 12th film. Needless to say, Cherry will appear in a mass look in this film. To maintain his fitness he approached Salman Khan's trainer to help him. In the past, Charan got a six pack with the help of Rakesh Udayar. He is now doing the same.

The expectations of mass audience on this film are really high. So, Ram Charan is focussing more on his fitness and is hitting the gym daily. Upasana also revealed that he is experimenting with empty stomach and also completed the cardio in Appollo Hospital. It seems like this mega hero is investing his blood and sweat into this film. Can Chittibabu score another super hit? Let's see.