Respect Lakshmi Parvathi If You Admire NTR!

Sun Oct 21 2018 21:53:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Gopal Varma is hogging the limelight again with 'Lakshmi's NTR'. He seems to be busy offering interviews to the media houses regarding this controversial subject.

When quizzed what is the package her received from YCP to destroy the political career of Chandrababu Naidu, Varma replied: 'If I make a film projecting CBN as a villain who have links with Mumbai Mafia, Would anybody believe it? Any deliberate attempt to show someone in negative manner won't really work. As a Director, I want to make a very truthful film…it won't be in a biased manner'.

Regarding the doubts that he might present the great history of NTR in poor light, RGV clarified: 'Any NTR's Loyal Fan would disconnect with the movie if show it in that way. I can guarantee Zero Percent negativity on NTR in my film. I have no such vested interests'.

To the question if he would project Chandrababu as a villain while elevating NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi, Ramu made it clear: 'First of all, Treating somebody as a villain itself isn't right. For example, Several people spoke about Lakshmi Parvathi in a negative manner. When I was analyzing whether it's true or not, I heard what NTR spoke about Lakshmi Parvathi at the fag end of his life. He offered utmost respect to his Wife. How could anybody disagree with NTR in this matter? If anybody says Lakshmi Parvathi conspired against NTR without his knowledge. Is there a possibility that a third person knows more about Lakshmi Parvathi than NTR? Anybody who admires NTR should first of all respect Lakshmi Parvathi'.