Photo Story: RGV In And As Bahirangavasi!

Thu Jan 11 2018 22:32:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Gopal Verma is known as a person with highest possible sense of humour and sensitivity. He doesn't really care about how people will take his move and tries to support his point of view without fail.

Similarly, he also enjoys a good troll on him without any second thoughts. It is always known that RGV has some bitter experiences with Pawan Kalyan fans for sharing his opinions on the Star's films and political agenda.

Recently, on Agnyathavasi he did not share the direct troll but indirectly covered the subject by saying he saw Puli and even said, Mahesh Kathi looks smarter than Pawan Kalyan.

He now shared his a morphed pic of his on social media. A fan superimposed his face on Pawan Kalyan's face on Agnyathavasi's poster and titled it as Bahirangavasi. He took it in his stride and did not comment anything about it but just shared the picture.

Bahirangavasi means, a person who lives outside or completely devoid of anything to hide.