NTR Ignored 3 Beauties, Married LP! Why?

Sat Oct 20 2018 13:32:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Gopal Varma stunned media persons during the launch of 'Lakshmi's NTR' with his mark logic or retort to tricky questions. At the same time, He made Lakshmi Parvati who shared stage with him at the launch event feel shy by mentioning about a key aspect.

Varma: 'NTR acted with beauties like Sridevi, Jayasudha and Jayaprada in many films. Still, He married Lakshmi Parvathi ignoring all of them. I feel bad that she was able to attract NTR with her personality'.

That is when Lakhsmi Parvathi felt shy and the glow was visible on her face. She might have been so proud of herself after listening to those comments of RGV.

Ramu opined NTR is the only politician he followed closely and have high regard for him as he never begged for votes. He pledges to present the untold facts behind the incidents which are in everyone's memory.