Rambha-Raashi's Misleading Weight Loss Ads!

Sat Feb 23 2019 11:10:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actresses Rambha and Raashi were the brand ambassadors of Kolors Weight Loss Clinic. TV Commercials featuring these former glam dolls has been used by the company to lure the public with promises of drastic physical transformation.

A Victim who got fooled by the misleading ads showing before & after pictures of the Actresses approached the consumer court. Justice Madhava Rao ordered Kolors Weight Loss Clinic to pay Rs 75,000 they received from the victim hailing from Vijayawada with 9 percent interest. Consumer Court directed the Company to pay Rs 2 lakh as a penalty to the victim for the mental trauma he faced.

We often come across Celebrities endorsing different kinds of Weight Loss Clinics with before and after pictures. Mostly, Those celebs won't undergo treatment in such clinics but endorse them for the sake of pay packages. Verdict delivered by the Consumer Court should be a lesson for such Companies which mislead the public & also the Celebrities.