Rana gets emotional on stage!

Thu Aug 03 2017 16:28:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rana Daggubati is highly active these days promoting his film Nene Raju Nene Mantri these days. He has been going around the town announcing about his film and discussing his character. Yesterday, the team decided to launch a song and held an event, Jogendra Yuvagarjana going with the theme, of the story which has a political backdrop. The actor spoke at the event very emotionally and he looked quite pleased with the movie.

Rana said, " I miss my grandfather, Ramanaidu today. Because of him all this is possible and only because of him, me, my father and uncle, Venkatesh are in the film business. I adore him and respect him. I will regret not acting with him for my life and he always wanted to do so with me and my uncle whenever he gets an opportunity, till his last breath. I learnt how to be humble and what is business from him and I found my father also a good producer with this movie."

He continued, " I wanted to show this movie to my grandfather and wished he saw me as Jogendra in this movie. I am proud of this performance and movie too." He got highly emotional at this point and even his brother and father, looked moved by it. He controlled himself and said," My uncle Venkatesh is a blessed person to have such fans like you and because of you people I took up acting career. Because of your encouragement I'm doing films in other languages and I will also do a Hollywood film, if you keep supporting like this."

Shivaji Raja remembered his association with Ramanaidu and said, " I found a great trait in this father and son. I'm talking about Ramanaidu and Suresh Babu. Both of them love cinema. One day Ramanaidu got sick and I said stay back in the guest house but he said My mind will be in shooting and my body will be here and he came to the shoot. Similarly. Suresh Babu also said same during the shoot. That's why they have become big producers."

The event has been hosted by Rana and Navadeep. Rana and the team made one of the fans families to release the song at the event. Kajal Aggarwal, Catherine Teresa also participated in the event. Teja directorial, Nene Raju Nene Mantri will release on 11th of August.