Where Did Charan Stop?

Wed May 23 2018 09:53:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

'Rangasthalam' released amidst huge expectations at the start of the summer season.  The movie has not only matched the expectations of the audience in terms of content and box office performance but it has exceeded everybody's expectations.

Many people thought that Charan market.. Sukumar stamina would be Rs.100 crores share at the maximum..this is the opinion before the release of 'Rangasthalam'.  Surprisingly, the movie went on to break all the non-Baahubali records.  The movie didn't stop at that.  After surpassing 'Khaidi No.150' record of Rs.105 crores, it went on to cross milestones like 110 cr.. 115 cr..120 cr.. 125 cr.  The movie has registered considerable share even after the fifty days of theatrical run.  

Finally, Sound Engineer Chittibabu hungama came to an end.  The movie is registering nominal shares now.  As the movie crossed the milestone of 50 days, the movie is replaced with new films in the majority of the theaters.  Moreover, the movie is available on Amazon Prime as well.  So, the theatrical run has come to an end.

The movie has achieved a worldwide share of Rs.126 crore in the full run. It has collected Rs.28.5 crores in Nizam.  18.5 cr in Ceded, 13.5 cr in North Andhra,  31 cr in rest of the areas in Andhra.  The movie has grossed $3.5 million in the overseas.  It seems 'Rangasthalam' record is going to stay for a long time.