My Son is a Gentleman: Raviteja's Mother

Mon Jul 17 2017 16:01:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Raviteja have a clean image in the Industry. Never been before he was involved in any of the controversies. He, however, made headlines for skipping his brother Bharath's Funeral and notices issued regarding drugs scandal.

For the first time, Raviteja's Mother Rajyalakshmi responded on the controversies surrounding his Elder Son. 'Raviteja don't even smoke but his name was dragged into the drug racket case. Please don't link his name with Bharath. It's not true that Raviteja is addicted to drugs. My Son is a gentleman & he doesn't have any bad habits. Raviteja had given a miss to funeral because of our family tradition. Despite being in pain, He attended the shoot the very next day for the sake of Producer'.

Ms Rajyalakshmi condemned the speculations that addiction to alcohol/drugs killed Bharath. 'Days before his death, Bharath has put an end all of his bad habits. He even stopped drinking alcohol. He was supposed to participate in Bigg Boss but the accident distanced him from us'.

On the other hand, Raviteja's Family Doctors Kadiyum Rajendra made it clear his client had never consumed drugs in any form. 'Raviteja don't even like the smell of Cigarette. He didn't address media so far because of the outdoor shot. Family Members were pained by the baseless allegations against Raviteja. Speculations doing rounds against him are untrue. Bharath wasn't drunk on the day he met with an accident. He changed a lot after being caught in drugs case. Bharath did shed all of his bad habits. Unfortunately, He passed away after transforming into a good person. Media made false allegations while reporting Bharath's Funeral & Drugs Case,' he told.