Mass Maharaja will "Touch" them soon!

Thu Sep 14 2017 14:28:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mass Maharaja, Ravi Teja has been busy with the shooting of his movie, Raja The Great and it is finally wrapping up as the movie is scheduled for a release in October. Ravi Teja took a break of 16 months before starting the film as he has been disappointed with the quality of the films he has been offered. Even his most trusted directors could not use his energy on screen to full use like they did once and hence the actor decided to wait for good stories to make a comeback.

Finally, he decided to star in Raja The Great and Touch Chesi Choodu. But, the rumours have been abuzz that he stopped Touch Chesi Choodu and continued shooting for Raja The Great. Also, the movie is said to be shelved. Well, all that is not true.

The movie in the direction of debutant, Vikram Siri konda, Touch Chesi Choodu, will resume shooting post the completion of Raja The Great. As the looks of the characters in both the movies are different, Ravi Teja decided to complete Raja The Great, a more complicated more quickly and then continue with Touch Chesi Choodu. Now, the director and team is just waiting for the actor to allocate some dates and finish off the film. So, we could be getting two movies from Ravi Teja, this year!