Instead Of Remuneration, Ravi Teja Is Asking For..

Mon Mar 19 2018 12:36:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ravi Teja who has been in the industry from a long time has took a small break from the industry and made a grand comeback with Raja the Great movie. However, his latest release Touch Chesi Choodu failed to impress the audience. What is Ravi Teja's market? What is the remuneration our Mass Maharaja demands for a movie has now became a hot topic in the industry.

There is a talk that Ravi Teja rejected some scripts because of the remuneration issues. The producers are complaining that his movies are not getting the revenues of atleast Rs. 25 crores and how can they give 10 crores as the remuneration. However, our Mass Maharaja has found out a permanent solution for this and is saying the producers not to give him any remuneration but instead give the Satellite as well as Hindi dubbing rights. The Hindi dubbing rates will be easily 8 crores and the Satellite rights itself make him sack 14 to 15 crores.

But will the producers accept to loose the rights to him or just give him the 10 crores remuneration is yet to be known. Ravi Teja is demanding either 10 crores hard cash or the rights. Whatever it is, it would be a super deal for the actor.